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Call Family & Friends Worldwide
Even Those without the app

See How little it cost to make International calls with PARROT PHONE


Phone Minutes- (Call-through)

Direct calling capability on App. which connects calls via our access number, if you already have a monthly (phone minutes) bundle from your phone provider . This option prevents incoming calls from interrupting your conversations, Unlike other calling Apps.

Direct Calling & SMS

Make outgoing Calls & SMS to any landline or mobile phone around the world. Even if the person you are calling does not have the app.

Low Rates

Local & International calls to landlines or mobiles phones. The rates are much more cheaper than regular phone charges across the globe therefore Parrot Phone installed on any one end is good enough

Rapid Account Recharge

Top-up account using credit/debit card or PayPal, to make Direct phone calls. You can also save your card details for easy recharge when your account runs low.

One Step Registration

Joins millions of other users by simply entering a valid phone number during your signup for SMS activation

Save On Roaming Charges

Traveling Abroad ? The App is was built for travelers in mind. Connect and call from any wifi at the hotel, home or airport around the world, when on transit.

Encrypted and Secure Calls

We have security & encryption for all calls and instant messages and file sharing made through the app

Stay Reachable Abroad

The app allows your contacts to call you through the app for free if they also have the app. You can also be called directly on the app if you signup for a virtual number.

Pin-less Calling Card

Call from Landline or Non-Smart Phone Include your Land phone in Parrot Phone account, then call our access number, listen to the prompt to place your call. Works only in countries where calling card already exist. Eg USA, UK and Canada.

Global Presence

Choose our virtual number and enjoy a global presence with a local virtual number from more than 60 international destinations

High Quality on Low Bandwidth Calls

Our app runs on very low bandwidth. The data consumption is much lesser than in other apps.

Free Video or Voice Calls, IM & File sharing

Free App to App Voice & Video calls plus Instant live chat, as Video recording, to other Parrot Phone App users. you can also share photos, files, voice messages and geographic location